March 9th 2018

Band Press Release – 09-03-2018

Greetings, one and all.

It is with a heavy heart, but perhaps one of slight relief collectively, that we officially announce that ENOCHIAN THEORY has come to a logical end. Whether it’s a hiatus or the final end, we are not sure…but for now at least, we have to put this all away and explore pastures new.

We have tried to find a way forward in the past 5 years to create a new album, but there are too many factors working against this process and we have collectively come to the conclusion that it is best to move forward in different directions.

There has been a lot of work going on behind the scenes on a new record, but it never seemed to be collectively what the 3 of us wanted, for a number of reasons…and without a new record to promote; we cannot tour, play shows or continue on the path we started on, nearly 15 years ago.

We will ALWAYS have fond memories of some amazing shows, meeting amazing people and doing some things we’d never thought we’d ever do when we first started playing in a cold cellar (aka our original practice space) in September 2004.

We have, for all intents and purposes, exceeded anything we ever dreamt we could achieve through hard work and dedication to the cause, and more importantly, us being on the same page with every decision we made for the band and its business.

We have worked so hard on things since the bands inception, learning our craft and learning the business the hard way…purely through mistakes and then not repeating those mistakes…and we’ll always be proud that we got as far as we did in what amounts to be, perhaps, the toughest industry in the world.

We have been so touched emotionally by people who have enjoyed our music over the years.
Those who have sent us lengthy messages showing their support and detailing what the music/lyrics meant to them; those who they’ve travelled hundreds of miles to see us play live and those who have taken the time to speak to us before/after the show, to share their thoughts.

It’s all been quite overwhelming at times, but we have loved you giving your time to us and do love you all for the support you have shown. Without you supporting us, there would be no need for us to tour and release CD’s…but YOU supported us on the journey and came along for the ride, which we are thankful for.

We can be very sure that we will miss touring and writing under this guise, but it will not stop us from continuing to work on our new projects and continuing to create music, in whatever form that may be…so, in death there is rebirth.

We would like to collectively thank Andy Farrow and the team at Northern Music/AMF Music Publishing, Michael Schmitz and the team at Mascot Records, our incredible endorsers at RolandBOSSKORG UKPaiste CymbalsFramus & WarwickMapex DrumsVic Firth and Line-6..and of course, EACH and EVERY one of you who has supported us over the years.

We would like to thank Jerry Ewing and the Prog magazine team for their support and putting us on one of our first bigger UK tours, as well as all the other magazines who have supported us. (Eclipsed, Metal Hammer, Classic Rock, Big Cheese, Powerplay, Tarkus…the list goes on)

Thank you to all the festivals organisers and tour bookers who have arranged tours for us and everyone who did anything positive to help us.

And, equally, a stern middle finger to those who tried to bury us, rip us off and cause us grief over the years. Your negativity only fuelled the fire.

We have enjoyed every minute of the thousands of miles we have travelled, the thousands of people we have met and thousands of hours we have spent on this all.
We cannot and will not knock what we have invested nearly 15 years of our lives in.

The bad times shaped our future and the good times formed our present.

Keep an eye out for our new projects, as we will need your support and love with them…

But for now…you can also be sure that this is not the end.
It is a chance to be reborn anew…watch the skies…

Yours faithfully, fanatically and forever,

Enochian Theory

October 25th 2015

See…we’re not just making it up…
We really are working on a new record!




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